About Us

DryerDock is manufactured in the USA by VentPro, Inc. Our headquarters is located in Banks, OR. We've been fortunate enought to provide more than 300,000 Dryerdocks to households across the country over the last several years and we hope to provide many more!

A DryerDock consists of two injection molded halves; the wall mount and the hose mount.
Made of rigid ABS plastic, the DryerDock provides some very unique benefits:

  • Dryer vent hose installation is a snap.
  • Quick connect access allows for easy hose clean out.
  • Prevents air and pest intrusion.
  • Provides a clean and finished look.
  • Saves space behind the clothes dryer.
  • The rigid design allows the hose clamp to actually hold and not fall off.
  • Other users: Connects to any 4" hose.
    Use it to connect wood cutting tool dust control systems, etc

The DryerDock was invented by Bruce Craig. He invented DryerDock because he was tired of his dryer hose falling off the wall vent pipe. He came up with an idea he thought would work. After many attempts, he was able to fabricate a prototype of his idea and installed it at his home. It worked great, and the hose didn't fall off any more. 

One of his customers saw the prototype he had made, and after learning what it was, asked if he could market it. A mold made, a patent was obtained and DryerDock became a reality.

DryerDock is patented under USP 6,131,958.