DryerDock Benefits

The DryerDock helps reduce or eliminate the problems associated with conventional dryer hose connections.

Easier to install
Typical dryer hose and vent installations require the hose to be connected to the vent pipe directly. Many times, access to the vent pipe is very inconvenient, requiring impossible gymnastics, and resulting in dropped tools, cut hands, and indelicate verbosity.

DryerDock allows pre-installation of the hose to the dryer hose connector, so the task of slipping the hose onto the "pipe" and securing it may be accomplished before "the impossible reach.” The vent pipe adapter is also pre-installed to the vent pipe and screwed to the wall, so the task of connecting the two parts is reduced to the minimum effort of aligning the two and snapping them together with a simple twist.

There is no requirement to remodel your utility room to install the DryerDock. It simply installs in the pre-existing space already established when your utility room was built.

Easier to maintain
Dryer hose fires are a real hazard. In fact, dryer vent fires are the number one cause of household fires in America. Although periodic cleaning of the vent system is recommended, few people comply due to inconvenient access to the typical dryer hose and vent installation. DryerDock reduces the inconvenience to a minimum, encouraging compliance with recommended periodic cleaning.
Energy efficient
With regular maintenance, cleaning your dryer vent will increase the efficiency of your dryer. Lint blocked dryer vent tubing hinders the flow of exhaust air from your dryer causing the dryer to run longer, using more gas or electricity. DryerDock makes it easier to access your dryer vent for maintenance.

More stable hose connection
The typical aluminum vent pipe is flimsy; the hose tends to slip off if the clamp is not tight enough, and tends to pop off if the clamp is over-tightened. Duct tape is messy, and becomes brittle over time. DryerDock is injection molded ABS which is much more rigid than the aluminium vent pipes. Therefore, the hose adapter does not tend to collapse when a clamp or tie-wrap is tightened. The clamp or tie-wrap can actually pinch the dryer hose to the DryerDock securing it and preventing the hose from slipping or popping off.

Improved cosmetic appearance
Most dryer vent installations consist of the aluminum vent pipe protruding through a ragged hole. We put cover plates over electrical outlets and switches; why not over the vent pipe hole? DryerDock covers the ragged hole just as the electrical cover plates hide the ugly electrical outlet and switch holes. Most utility rooms are white or off-white, so DryerDock is molded in white ABS plastic. However, it may be painted to match the decor if desired.

Eliminates environmental intrusion
The ragged hole surrounding the aluminum vent pipe, which is typical of most dryer hose and vent installations, is a source for air, insect, and rodent intrusion into the home. DryerDock provides not only an improved cosmetic appearance by covering the gap, but also eliminates this gap as a source for air, insect, and rodent access to the home.

All around improvement
DryerDock is easier to install, easier to maintain, provides a more secure connection, looks better, and provides a better barrier to environmental intrusion than the usual dryer hose and vent installation. DryerDock is an improvement in every way over the old system