What is a DryerDock?

The DryerDock is a dryer hose quick connect device to simplify connecting a dryer hose to the vent pipe. It consists of two parts, the dryer hose adapter and the vent pipe adapter.

The dryer hose adapter
The dryer hose slips over the dryer hose adapter in the same manner it normally slips over the vent pipe. The dryer hose may be fastened to the dryer hose adapter with a clamp, tie-wrap, or an adhesive.

The vent pipe adapter
In most dryer vent installations, the vent pipe protrudes from the floor, wall, or ceiling, about two or more inches. The DRYER DOCK vent pipe adapter mounts flush with the floor, wall, or ceiling. This requires the vent pipe to be cut off flush with the surface. The vent pipe adapter slips inside the vent pipe, and the flange is mounted to the surface with appropriate fasteners.

The quick-connect
After both the dryer hose adapter and the vent pipe adapter are installed, the two parts fasten together with a slight twist. Three "fingers" on the vent pipe adapter hold the dryer hose adapter securely in place.